Coming Soon

Purple Lizard Maps is working on a new map of ATHENS, OHIO! Purple Lizard Maps help thousands of visitors, new residents and recreational enthusiasts plan their adventures every year. The ATHENS map features public lands, preserves, state parks, national forests, lakes and trails, printed on waterproof paper, to guide people in exploring the best recreation that the Athens, Nelsonville and Zaleski region has to offer. Our maps are big! 24 x 36 inches, well designed and easy to read. Highly detailed with contour lines, shaded relief, hydrography, local roads and place names. We are proud of ‘em and we think you will be too.

What's on the map? Athens, of course, and Ohio University. The entire Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, all 18 miles of it from Athens to Nelsonville. Plus the Hockhocking Rver that runs alongside it. A big chunk of Wayne National Forest, all of Lake Hope and Strouds Run State Park with their extensive mountain bike, equestrian and backpacking trail systems. And Moonville, we couldn't forget about Moonville! Plus every backroad, byway and highway that connects all these great places together.

The Athens Lizard Map will be published in summer 2015. Check this website or our Facebook page for updates.

Do you own, or know of a local business that you think should be an advertising sponsor of this map? Purple Lizard Maps prides itself on partnerships with local businesses. We offer Lizard Map customers a short list of locally owned, sustainability-minded, unique businesses. We pride ourselves in helping our customers find a funky selection of eateries, shops, lodging, entertainment, and local conservation groups in the areas we map so they can get a true sense of all the region offers. Our clientele includes weekend visitors, new residents and longtime locals who want to get outside and make their own adventure. If your business is interested in being on the map through sponsorship we would love to hear from you at