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Raystown Lake Trail Map



Raystown Lake Trail Map featuring the Allegrippis Trail System and Rothrock State Forest


Map covers all of Raystown Lake from Huntingdon to Saxton on one side, scale is 1:45,000. A detailed map of the Allegrippis Trail System and Trough Creek State Park is on the other side, scale is 1:23,000.

It's a big one - 36 x 24 inches, printed on waterproof plastic!


There is so much to do in the Raystown Lake region that you need a really big, detailed map to fully comprehend all your options. We are here to tell you right now that the re-google-lated maps will not help you find the really cool stuff. In fact, they may just lead you astray. If you want to maximize your adventure time, you need a real map. A big, beautiful, waterproof kind of a map. We believe the Lizard map is well worth your hard earned 12 bucks. It's a really sweet map with more trails and roads than you can hope to explore in a whole year, much less your precious week or weekend or day or half-day off. It may even change your life for the better. If you're only in town for a day or two the Lizard map will turn you on to the awesome microbrew selection at Boxer's Cafe after a big meal at Hoss's. Or grab a great cup of coffee or a smoothie at Standing Stone Coffee. Or rent some great bikes and kayaks from Rothrock Outfitters. There is so much to do in the Huntingdon area that if you're not careful you may waste a whole day trying to plan it out.

Stop by the Huntingdon County Visitor's Center for some help. Or grab a campsite at the Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort to think about it. Maybe you'll prefer the comforts of the Wildwood Chalet & Cottage. Jim's Anchorage can take care of all your boating needs, and Saxton Outdoors can help you out with all your outfitting.

The Friends of Raystown and the Raystown Mountain Biking Association do the majority of the trail building and maintenance around the lake, so if you enjoy the trails please consider supporting the local clubs that made your excellent adventure possible.

If you're the competitive type check out the Transylvania Epic, a weeklong mountain bike stage race that features one day of racing on the Allegrippis Trail System. If running is your game, check out the Tussey Mountainback on the State College, PA, side of Rothrock State Forest.

If a day trip to State College fits in your plans, you can check out Webster's Cafe and Used Bookstore for some mind and body fuel. Eddies Bicycles, The Bicycle Shop and Freeze Thaw Cycles can help you with all your cycling needs. Hubcap Cycles can even build you a custom frameset and the Nittany Mountain Bike Association can lead you on some local trails rides. Otto's and Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks can pour you a draft of fresh microbrew and feed you with local harvests. West Arete can even design your website while you are here on vacation. After all that you can swing by Tussey Mountain to race go-carts, hit the skate park, go golfing or play in the batting cages. And you'll be at the major trailheads to Rothrock State Forest, so you can wind your way back to Huntingdon on some dirt roads if you want to take the backroads. Of course, to try this without a Purple Lizard map would just be foolish.

That's the neat thing about maps. Follow the purple lines (or green, blue and black) and who knows what wonder you will find? Maybe you'll decide the woods are full of bugs and dirt and sharp pointy things and you prefer a soft couch and television wasteland. At least you know what floats your boat.

When you start exploring all those little lines you may develop a serious craving to explore every trail on the whole map. This will, of course, consume your life for quite some time but we believe it will make you a better, happier, more complete human being. And that is the power of our maps, they can point you in the right direction in more ways than one. Enlightenment not included.

Health warning: continued use of these maps may result in an inability to stay indoors and a sudden criticism of traffic. Your skin may become covered with dust and dirt. Mild confusion will make it difficult to relate time and distance, which may alter your definition of weather. There is a potential for all of these side effects to occur simultaneously and without warning. That's why we are warning you now.


All Purple Lizard maps are available flat (rolled up, unfolded) suitable for framing in a corporate lobby or just nailing to a cabin wall. The map cost is the same ($12) but shipping varies. E-mail for specifics.

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2nd Edition Raystown Lake and Trail Map Coming Soon!  Check back soon for details about publication date!
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