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Rothrock Trail Map

$12.00 famous Purple Lizard map that started it all back in 1997. This map shows the oh-so-many trails and roads between State College and Huntingdon, PA, including the majority of Rothrock State Forest. It's a big one - 36 x 24 inches, printed on waterproof plastic! The map scale is 1:40,000. 5th Edition 2013.

This map opens up a world of possibilities. Rothrock State Forest has an extremely well developed and maintained (by local volunteers) trail system that makes it perfect for exploring by foot or bike. The Mid State Trail traverses ridgetops and valleys for long, quiet walks in the woods. Several of the most popular and sought out mountain bike trails on the east coast run along various ridges and in and out of gaps, all linked together by a network of dirt and gravel roads.  That is one of many reasons world-class races are held here, and people can enjoy riding or running the race course routes year round.

In between those activities you will have earned an appetite and a thirst, so use the Lizard Map to find spectacular microbrews, locally sourced menus and live music in the surrounding communities of State College, Huntingdon and Millheim. It really doesn't get any better than this. 

Rock climbers will appreciate the rugged and secluded outcrops that are perfect for days of bouldering or top-rope sessions. Efforts from the local Climbing Conservancy of Central Pennsylvania (C3PA) are helping to keep access open and encourage more people to get out and climb. The Lizard Map has bouldering icons on it to show you the ridges that have outcrops worthy of exploring with your chalk bags and bouldering mats.  

As you map out your adventures please be sure to explore the many local businesses who support the Lizard map!

Looking for some serious inspiration?  Check out this fantastic blogpost from Heather Hoechst, female winner of the 2015 Tussey Mountainback Ultramarathon in Rothrock.  She takes you along on her journey to many Rothrock's special places.

We believe the Lizard map may even change your life for the better. Follow the purple lines and who knows what wonder you will find? Just possibly some amazing places, incredible views, all kinds of creatures and a few other happy people. Or, maybe you'll decide the woods are full of bugs and dirt and sharp pointy things and you prefer a soft couch and television wasteland. In which case you can hit the couch with full confidence that you tried the outdoor thing and it wasn't for you.

Health warning: continued use of these maps may result in an inability to stay indoors and a sudden criticism of traffic. Your skin may become covered with dust and dirt. Mild confusion will make it difficult to relate time and distance, which may alter your definition of weather. There is a potential for all of these side effects to occur simultaneously and without warning. That's why we are warning you now.

All Purple Lizard maps are available flat (rolled up, unfolded) suitable for framing in your living room  or just nailing to a cabin wall. The map cost is the same ($12) but shipping varies. E-mail for specifics. 

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