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Rothrock Trail Map


The Rothrock State Forest was the first Lizard Map (initially published in 1997) and is still one of our most popular and favorite maps! Just a few hours from Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, New York and Pittsburgh, Rothrock State Forest is an adventure destination well within reach! 

Now in the 5th edition, Rothrock boasts some of the best technical mountain biking trails in the US and also offers outdoor enthusiasts stunning peaks and valleys, beautiful hiking trails and back roads for every speed of adventurer.

Like all of our almost-indestructible Lizard Maps, it is both waterproof and adventure proof, and it's a big one: 24 x 36 inches, (scale 1:40,000), that folds easily into a back pocket or trip pack.

Looking for some serious inspiration?  Check out this fantastic blogpost from Lizard fan Heather Hoechst, female winner of the 2015 Tussey Mountainback Ultramarathon in Rothrock as she takes you along on her journey to many Rothrock's special places.

While you are in the area exploring Rothrock, please take some time to support the many fantastic Lizard Map sponsors.

Health warning: continued use of Purple Lizard maps may result in an inability to stay indoors and a sudden criticism of traffic. Your skin may become covered with dust and dirt. Mild confusion will make it difficult to relate time and distance, which may alter your definition of weather. There is a potential for all of these side effects to occur simultaneously and without warning. That's why we are warning you now.

All Purple Lizard maps are available flat (rolled up, unfolded) suitable for framing in your living room  or just nailing to a cabin wall. The map cost is the same ($12) but shipping varies. E-mail for specifics. 

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