Hot off the Press: Second Edition Raystown Lizard Map!

May 16, 2016

Hot off the Press: Second Edition Raystown Lizard Map!

Attention adventure seekers:

Purple Lizard Maps is proud to offer the Second Edition Raystown Lake & Trail Lizard Map. In addition to boasting one of the most action packed recreational lakes in the region, Raystown has one of the best mountain bike trail systems in North America.

This all new edition of the Raystown Lizard map includes lots of great new info: latest trail additions, updated lake and visitor information, and the Lizard’s latest graphic style making it the most comprehensive, easiest to read and most action packed map ever made of the Raystown region. 

"We love promoting this beautiful part of Pennsylvania to the world," explains Michale Hermann, Purple Lizard Maps Founder and Lead Cartographer. "The Raystown Lizard Map helps visitors get the big picture of this outstanding playground, offering a complete guide to the Allegrippis Trail system, (one of the most well designed machine-cut trail systems in the country), the lake, the hiking trails, public parks and surrounding communities."

Purple Lizard celebrated the release of the Second Edition Raystown Lizard Map at Dirt Rag Magazine’s annual mountain bike festival, Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest, May 20-22st.


DirtFest draws thousands of visitors to Raystown for a weekend celebration of mountain biking each spring.  Ready to explore Raystown? Grab your Second Edition Raystown Lizard Map and head on out!