December 11, 2021


Here at Purple Lizard, like you, we know that one of the best ways to connect, restore and celebrate life is pretty simple: spending time in the outdoors. 

So we also know that the gift of outdoor experience is a precious one that keeps on giving - and bringing greater peace, joy, and health all year long. 

To help you share the joy with everybody on your holiday list, below is our 2021 Purple Lizard Gift Guide.  

Over the river and through the woods . . . Lizard Maps lead the way

If you are reading this you probably already know that Lizard Maps open doors - to the possibility of new adventures - to new places, activities, and new experiences. Whether the person on your holiday shopping list is someone who would enjoy a short walk in the forest, a sunset at a beautiful overlook, a solo trek or family camping vacation, or just loves getting out there and riding, running or exploring in the forest - a single Purple Lizard Map can open the doors to all those experiences.

Feeling especially creative or really want to impress? Plan a special getaway gift and explore a Lizard Map destination with your favorite adventurer. 

Cook Forest Purple Lizard Map with Trees

Have an avid adventurer on your list? Consider completing their Lizard Map Collection. Are they new to Lizard Maps? Gift a Pennsylvania Adventure Pack (all 9 PA Maps), the West Virginia Adventure Two-Pack or for that special someone or to spread around among all your friends - the Whole Lizard Shebang ( all 14 Purple Lizard Maps).

The Whole Shebang 

Help everyone on your list bag some new adventures

Lizard Bags  

Every adventure requires the right bag. Luckily, with Purple Lizard's Tote, Deluxe Hip Sack and Half-Sack and Lizard Ditty Bags there are lots of options for every type of adventure. These bags are all limited in quantity this holiday season, so snag one for that special someone or share the joy and grab a few while they last!

New! The Lizard Tote - custom built for adventure

the perfect holiday gift bag too!

Lizard Tote

This one can go anywhere. Whether your loved one is heading out for some camping, a road trip, a beach day, or even just out shopping for some provisions the Lizard Tote is there to help make it happen. Bonus: this bag and all Nittany Mountain Works bags are made in a solar powered facility in central Pennsylvania!

Lizard Sacks

 The Lizard Half Sac and the Deluxe Hip Sack are perfect gifts to get the outdoor adventurers rolling. If you haven't hip-sacked it on an outdoor adventure yet, you don't know what you're missing. If it's been a while, this these sacks are sure to  keep you smiling while you head on out on your adventures.

 Lizard Deluxe Hip Sac

Lizard Deluxe Hip Sack

Deluxe Hip Sack

Lizard Half-Sac 



 The Lizard Ditty Bag


These little zip-equipped bags are the ultimate organizers. Measuring 8”x5” and feasting a single zipper and handy clip on the corner the Lizard Ditty Bag is the ultimate multi-adventure gift. Biking adventure? Throw a couple CO2 cartridges and compact pump in to keep it organized. Hiking adventure? A snack bar, energy chews, and a bandana fit lovely. A long day on the road? Slip a wallet, lip balm and other small essentials in there for safe keeping. 

Keep those noggins warm with Lizard Beanies

The much beloved Lizard Beanies keep your loved ones moving all season long - and they are hot this season in all their colors. 

Whether you choose the screaming orange fleece, the black or grey knit, or the maroon or purple heather beanies, your loved ones will thank you for keeping their noggins warm on their adventures.

Lizard Beanies are truly the perfect one size fits all gift for every adventurer on your list. These go fast - order yours today.

Lizard BeaniesLizard Screaming Orange Fleece Beanie


'Tis the Season for the Perfect Stockings

Lizard Wollie Boolies and Wooleaters 

We all know the value of warm toes for winter adventures. DeFeet makes really great socks -made in the US of high quality wool  and now we carry two types. Your specialty Purple Lizard socks are built for adventure. The ultra-cozy,  Lizard Woolie Boolie Socks by DeFeet are perfect for chilly winter adventures and we love them all year long. Do the special feet in your life prefer a lighter weight but still 4 season pair? Check out the all new Lizard Wooleater socks by DeFeet a unique blend of fibers to keep your favorite people's feet moving.

Lizard Wollies & Wolliaters

 Woolie Boolies (Left) Wooleaters (right)


Lizard Wollie Boolies

(photo by Ryan Scavo)

A Special Treat for the Little Lizards

Ever wish the world could just come into being as we imagine it?

Meet the very special book for creators and dreamers of all ages - Harold and the Purple Crayon.

This book inspired Purple Lizard founder and lead cartographer Michael Hermann as a child and eventually helped lead to the creation of the Purple Lizard Maps. We think it is the perfect gift for current dreamers and of course for future generations of artists, dreamers, and maybe a few mapmakers.

Special thanks to all of you who share the gift of outdoor adventure all year long. Thanks for being a part of the Purple Lizard Maps community. Wishing you and yours a special season filled with joy and adventure.

Purple Lizard Maps Team

Mappy Holidays!

Purple Lizard Maps


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A note about holiday shipping

It's been a bit of a crazy year out there in shipping land.  Please know that we make a big effort to ship all of your Purple Lizard holiday orders promptly (usually within 1 business day) and we certainly understand how important it is to you that your gifts arrive on time. We offer a priority shipping option for those of you who want to ensure your items arrive quickly and we provide tracking information on all orders. No matter how you choose to send your items, we recommend ordering early to ensure on-time delivery, because as you know - its gotten kinda crazy out there as far as holiday shipping. Want to be sure your order arrives by the 25th? Place your order before December 15th.

copyright Purple Lizard Maps

*Some content adapted from last year's gift guide: Special Thanks Ryan Scavo.

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