October 12, 2018

Ready to explore somewhere new? Want to dive deep into your Lizard Maps?  

The PA Lizard Adventure Lists are just the thing!  

Trail descriptions, special places, adventure ideas and more

No one trail is created the same as the next, and the public lands we map offer many hidden gems. We've got just the thing for you: PA Adventure Lists, downloadable PDF's, offer short descriptions of trails and special destinations and activities on all our PA Adventure Series Maps.  

The PA Lizard Adventure lists include brief descriptions of the trails organized in three sections: Trails, Special Designated Areas & Destinations, and State Parks, to help you explore all your PA Lizard Maps have to offer!

Adventure Lists are an inside track to your Lizard Map. Trails are listed alphabetically and each listing includes user group designations, trail intersections, and other helpful information to help you plan your next adventure:

We've included state designated natural areas, parks, picnic areas, and wild areas to help you discover unique areas on our maps. In some cases, we've included fun local lore and knowledge to spice things up on your adventure. Like these:

Some folks want to hit all of the well-known and popular trails in these forests...we have all of them on our lists. Other folks prefer to discover remote trails that are more off the beaten path, these may or may not be signed, blazed, or even maintained. We've got these trails on our Adventure Lists too: 

Love the water? Seek and you shall find. We've even included many of the river access areas that are highlighted on our maps:

Lizard Adventure Lists cost just $5 each and are distributed as a downloadable PDF direct from our website. Designed to be used with a Lizard Map, these lists offer explorers insider info to local trails and provide a great tool for folks looking to experience more with their Lizard map, or even find every trail! Feeling ambitious?Beware, there are a lot of trails in PA; our Pine Creek Lizard Map alone includes over 300 named trails.

See you out there!

NOTE: Lizard Adventure Trails and Destination Lists are a downloadable PDFs designed to help you use your map to plan outstanding adventures.  They are not maps or guidebooks. You will also need your Lizard Map to use the Adventure List for each map to properly plan your own adventures!


Don't have your Lizard Maps yet?  

Grab the whole PA Adventure Pack and start exploring!


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Green Monster Loop Trail System: The Best Unknown Trail System in PA
Green Monster Loop Trail System: The Best Unknown Trail System in PA

October 15, 2018

The Green Monster Loop includes almost 32 miles of exciting trails and additional side trails in this corner of Tioga State Forest. Features for trails in this area include wide single and double track paths with solid dirt treadways. The notorious rock gardens found in many other parts of 'Rocksylvania' are less common here. Almost all of the trails in this part of the forest are open to bicycles; riders and runners will enjoy these smooth and fast trails! Dozens of loop options exist in this part of Tioga State Forest, but today we'll give an example of this area by following the 50K loop in the same direction as the annual Green Monster Challenge. Pull out your Pine Creek Lizard Map and follow along with us today, then go out and discover this area for yourself! 
Exploring Allegheny Trail Along Glady Fork River, WV
Exploring Allegheny Trail Along Glady Fork River, WV

October 09, 2018

The Allegheny Trail  (ALT) hugs the isolated Glady Fork River for over 25 miles. This hike will introduce you to one of the most rugged and wild sections of the entire ALT, as well as some fantastic campsites accessible by car. I recommend exploring this section as a long day hike, with a car and camping gear waiting for you at the finish. To set up a shuttle, you’ll be happy to have the Dolly Sods-Seneca Rocks Lizard Map showing you how to access the remote Forest Service roads.
The Quieter Side of Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley State Parks, WV
The Quieter Side of Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley State Parks, WV

October 09, 2018

Follow along as Lizard Seeker Emily Huguenin leads us along another great adventure on the Allegheny Trail in West Virginia