Michaux Lizard Sticker

Michaux is such a big, beautiful forest that it deserves its own Lizard sticker. This 5x2 inch sticker tells the world you love Michaux! Although it is cryptic enough that most people will have no idea why you are displaying a purple lizard on a frenchman's name. Is it the psychedelic poet and painter Henri Michaux? Or French botanist and explorer André Michaux (1746–1802)?

Of course you know it pays homage to botanist François André Michaux (1770–1855), son of André Michaux and the namesake of Michaux State Forest. Or you had no idea about any of that and it just means you love this awesome forest called Michaux! 

Either way you'll have a sweet sticker to show off your newfound knowledge of history while confusing the majority of the population.

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