PA Wilds Adventure Ride Map Pack

The perfect companion to your 2020 PA Wilds Adventure Ride is this 4-pack of Lizard Maps that cover most of the 2020 route! This pack is a limited offer only available for riders participating in this event - orders will be shipped express which is usually within 2-day delivery. 

4 Lizard maps: Bald Eagle, Pine Creek, Rothrock and Moshannon-Quehanna cover a massive swath of land filled with amazing riding roads, both paved and dirt. 

Individually priced the maps are $66 - for PAWilds riders the bundle is $55 plus $9 shipping so they get to ya in time!

Note: use the link Jack emailed you - this page is not available to the general public on our website. In fact, we are sold out of Bald Eagle Lizard Maps, but pulled out a stash just for Jack and his riders!


Type: Maps