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Purple Lizard is an independent cartographic design firm dedicated to making beautiful maps of beautiful places. Based in rural Penns Valley, in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, Purple Lizard works nationally on map design projects and has been publishing its own brand of trail maps since 1997.  

COMING SOON! Rincon Lizard Map and Guide, Puerto Rico!  


This project has been a passion of ours for the past 2 years - designing a detailed topographic/bathymetric map and guide of Rincon featuring surf breaks, beaches, roads and trails in this beautiful part of Puerto Rico. Sure, you can roll into Rincon and find a few beaches without a Lizard Map, but if you want to see all your options and make your own adventures, you'll want the Lizard Map in your stash. Our maps help people find the best places for outdoor exploration, off the beaten path trails and beaches, and some of our favorite restaurants, bars and shops. We have detailed surf break descriptions written by Melissa Taylor of Puntas Surf School so you can better understand what you're about to drop in to. Rincon is a mecca for surfers and beach lovers worldwide. If it's your first or fifteenth Rincon visit, the Lizard Map will make it easy to explore this laid back coastal community and discover all the best Rincon has to offer. The map is in its final stages of field checking and will be published in fall of 2014.