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Hot off the press: Rincon, Puerto Rico Lizard Map and Guide  


Rincon Puerto Rico is a mecca for surfers and beach lovers worldwide and Purple Lizard is pleased to offer the Rincon Lizard Map & Guide to help you experience all that Rincon has to offer. 

The Rincon Map & Guide is a beachproof and waterproof map and guide that clearly illustrates Rincón’s beaches, surf breaks, trails and roads.  It includes detailed descriptions of the surf breaks and beaches, contour lines for both land topography and bathymetry, plus information about the community, environment and things to do in Rincón in Spanish and English.The Rincon Map detailed surf break descriptions were written by veteran Rincon surfer and guide Melissa Taylor of Puntas Surf School so you can better understand what you're about to drop in to.  Whether its your first or fifteenth Rincon visit, the Lizard Map will make it easy to fully explore this laid back coastal community and discover all the best Rincon has to offer.