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Purple Lizard is an independent cartographic design firm dedicated to making beautiful maps of beautiful places. We design maps for people who want to make the most of their outdoor recreation.


Purple Lizard is in the final stages of field checking for our new map of ATHENS, OHIO a great place to play whether you are into mountain biking, hiking, road cycling, camping, or all of that and more. What's on the map? Athens, of course, and Ohio University. The Athens Lizard Map features public lands, preserves, state parks, national forests, lakes and trails, to guide residents and visitors alike in exploring the best recreation that the Athens, Nelsonville and Zaleski region has to offer.

The Athens Lizard Map covers the entire Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, all 18 miles of it from Athens to Nelsonville. Plus the Hockhocking River that runs alongside it. A big chunk of Wayne National Forest, all of Lake Hope and Strouds Run State Park with their extensive mountain bike, equestrian and backpacking trail systems. And Moonville, we couldn't forget about Moonville! Plus every backroad, byway and highway that connects all these fantastic places together. The Athens Lizard Map is printed on waterproof paper to withstand all your adventures in this beautiful destination for outdoor recreation.

If you are in Athens, we hope to see you there as we put the finishing touches on this map. If you haven't been to Athens, you are in for a treat, and soon we'll have just the map to help you plan all your adventures!