The Purple Lizard PA Wilds Pack

North of Interstate 80 is a different place. It's often referred to as the PA Wilds, which we think is a pretty good description. There are less people, less pavement, more dirt roads and more wild places. We call that a fair trade and it's where we'd rather be most days.

We've made four maps of Pennsylvania State Forests north of 80: Cook Forest-Clear Creek in western PA, Moshannon-Quehanna and Pine Creek in Central PA, and Loyalsock in eastern PA.

Cook Forest-Clear Creek also covers a section of southeastern Allegheny National Forest along the Clarion River. Moshannon-Quehanna includes Moshannon State Forest and the Quehanna Wild Area with sections of Elk State Forest. The Pine Creek Lizard Map covers much of Tioga and Tiadaghton State Forests, and Loyalsock includes all of the Loyalsock State Forest and McIntyre Wild Area. 

These four maps represent some of the wildest, most remote places you can find in PA, with just enough civilization and small towns to keep you well supplied and comfortable if you choose to emerge. 

Purchased separately, these four maps are $69. 

As our friend Van Wagner tells it:

“North of 80 it ain’t the same.

I don’t know how else to put it to explain.

There’s a different tune in the air.

There’s a northern feel, that makes it real everywhere.”

Van Wagner: Singer, songwriter, teacher.



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