What Lizard Map Customers Say

The true value of our maps is in all the adventure and experiences you create with them.

"Don't even joke around here. . . your amazing maps are a match made in heaven. It's almost too good to be true."

 "I have a couple of your maps and they are the BEST!"

"So many hidden gems around our area. Your maps have been so helpful and are always with us. I really appreciate the time and hard work you guys put into making them."

"THANK YOU Purple Lizard Maps!!! We’re now planning a Monongahela National Forest long weekend to the Gandy Creek area. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve hiked/camped there. Your lovely map brought back so many great memories. Time to make more!"

I love my map! Quality is much higher than could ever be conveyed in words. Keep it up! - Matthew in Pennsylvania

"I have to say It is a really nice map. My first Purple Lizard map!" Jeff in Maryland.

"Never enter the woods without a Purple Lizard Map...not because you might get lost, but because they show you all the cool things you would otherwise miss! —Nate from PA

"I love your work. I use the Pine Creek map several times a week for mountain biking. I have lived in the area for 20 years now and thought I knew it all before I bought your map."  Mitch

"These maps are AMAZING!  They make trip planning for bikepacking so easy. I am a customer and fan for life - thank you!  Brad from PA

"Awesomely detailed map! I love all of the little info bars. Keep up the rad work!"

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