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Reviews, Testimonials and other Lizard Map Musings ...

"Not all maps are created equal. This map does everything you need and more. It encourages exploration to a degree that is impressive." - Bruce in PA

"Never enter the woods without a Purple Lizard Map...not just because you might get lost, but because of all the cool things you would otherwise miss!"Nate 

"Thank you for making such amazing, thought provoking, and humorous maps. (Who’d ever think you could say these things about a map?!) Purple Lizard maps take adventuring to the next level!" - Lisa

"A hardy map that can withstand punishment and inspire exploration." –KiwiKlimber

"I must say, as a map lover and collector this is by far the nicest map I have ever held in my hands in my entire life. I can tell a ton of time and effort went into producing this map and it really shows." - John in PA

"Got my map today in time to plan our biking/hiking/rafting trip to Ohiopyle State Park next week. This map is so frigging detailed I told my wife we don’t even need to take the trip – we can just find endless adventures simply gazing at the map!" - Gordon in North Carolina

"When I first started hiking I used AllTrails and Guthook for everything. Well, let me just say going on adventures with a paper map is about a million times more fun and a way more Immersive experience. I can't recommend @purplelizardmaps enough. These maps are incredible and I wish there was one for every place I explore." - bike.murns via Instagram

"Thank you so much for the latest Loyalsock Map and Guide Book :) It has already enabled me to squirm my way into a good little wild trout stream in Lycoming County that I was unable to find a legal way in prior from another direction.

While no product is ever perfect, Purple Lizard Maps has created a map that is close as you can get. What sets this map apart is the purple lizards that dot the trails and roads within the confines of the map. Purple lizards are defined in the legend as follows: "this could mean anything (cool place, scenic vista, local legend... or nothing)." I have an untold number of stories about the incredible things I have seen and experienced at these lizards from the stump-tap (a stump with a beer tap on in) to views of rolling hills that melt into the horizon. Once you "get" your first lizard, you will want to experience the rest. -On-line product review

I am finding more and more value in your maps primarily because you have updated trails, and have added new trails, that may not show on even the latest USGS 7.5 Minute topos ... and of course there are many new roads that have been put in over the last 20-30 years that again, are not on many of the latest USGS topos."  – John in PA

"Don't even joke around here. . . your amazing maps are a match made in heaven. It's almost too good to be true."

 "I have a couple of your maps and they are the BEST!"

THESE MAPS ARE AWESOME. My wife and I have been using them for about a year now and I’m pretty sure we have all of them." Christian from PA 

"So many hidden gems around our area. Your maps have been so helpful and are always with us. I really appreciate the time and hard work you guys put into making them."

"THANK YOU Purple Lizard Maps!!! We’re now planning a Monongahela National Forest long weekend to the Gandy Creek area. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve hiked/camped there. Your lovely map brought back so many great memories. Time to make more!"

I love my map! Quality is much higher than could ever be conveyed in words. Keep it up! - Matthew in Pennsylvania

"I have to say It is a really nice map. My first Purple Lizard map!" Jeff in Maryland.

"I love your work. I use the Pine Creek map several times a week for mountain biking. I have lived in the area for 20 years now and thought I knew it all before I bought your map."  Mitch

"These maps are AMAZING!  They make trip planning for bikepacking so easy. I am a customer and fan for life - thank you!"  Brad from PA

"Awesomely detailed map! I love all of the little info bars. Keep up the rad work!"

"Your maps have been a huge help in my explorations of new nearby mountains. I especially like the fact that they show borders of state/national/private property and available parking as well as trails as this kind of info is somewhat difficult to find on current other available formats. I also love the quality of the paper." - Kendal in WV

"I have no idea what a purple lizard is, but what I do know is that the manufacturer places little purple lizards throughout their maps to indicate a cool spot to check out. This could be anything really, from a nice secluded view of a nearby valley to a local legend spot. Those little lizards draw me in whenever I’m nearby and I can’t help but go find out what is there. Most of the time, they are not in high-traffic areas that everyone knows about already, which I appreciate. The little lizards are a great touch that can only be accomplished by mapmakers who know the area well." —on-line review

Thank you for sharing your experiences and your adventures!