December 10, 2015

Holiday Greetings from Purple Lizard,

Here at Purple Lizard, the holidays always get us thinking about how we spend the rest of the year.This holiday season we at Purple Lizard would like to take the time to offer our sincere thanks to all our loyal Lizard Maps customers.

We do our best to appreciate the opportunity that each day brings to appreciate the gift of the outdoors in our lives, to encourage friends and family to share in its beauty and the adventure it brings. 
Just like you, we get super busy and the things we wish we prioritized sometimes slip to lower on the list.  Work gets busy and we don't take that ride, or that hike, or that day in the sun that we planned to. The next day, we remember our purpose, to bring the best of outdoor recreation to our customers and to always seek to appreciate it in our own lives. 

We know that our time in the outdoors, among friends or alone, is precious and critical to our happiness, health and well being.  So each day we recalibrate and we recommit. To bringing beautiful, functional maps that offer some of the best of outdoor recreation to our customers, and to remembering every day what outdoor experience and adventure brings into our lives!

This holiday season, and throughout the year, we offer our gratitude to you for helping us remember every day what outdoor adventures and experiences can mean. Your stories and your adventures inspire us each and every day to continue to bring the joy of outdoor experience into our lives and the lives of our customers. 

When you give the gift of Lizard Maps to yourself or your loved ones, we understand that you are giving something more special than a Lizard Map, (as beautiful as it may be). You are giving an experience of the outdoors and all that that will come to mean in the lives of the people you love.  Thank you for sharing the love of Lizard Maps and for being with us on this adventure!  Have a Lizard Map facilitated adventure story you would like to share?  We would love to hear from you! Email us at 

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones,

Purple Lizard Maps

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Holiday Reflections from Purple Lizard
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Thank you for knowing that unplugging is the best way to plug-in

You already know that spending time outdoors is fundamental for human happiness, health and well-being. As our modern lives present constant opportunities for distraction you realize that as we unplug from our screens and plug into the outdoors we are creating a powerful connection for ourselves, our communities and our planet. Your commitment to spending time in our beautiful public lands and enjoying real-world experiences is what makes our work special. Thank you for being a part of that connection and for sharing your love of the outdoors with Purple Lizard.

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