Lizard Digital Maps

The Best of Both Worlds with Purple Lizard Maps 

Now you can have the perfect combination of adventure tools – get our waterproof paper maps here and get their digital counterparts on the Avenza Maps App.

Our waterproof paper maps provide the durability, reliability, and big picture planning you need for in-the-field adventures, and our digital maps on Avenza deliver real-time tracking and the benefits of GPS offline location.  

These two tools offer a winning combination to meet all your adventure goals!

Avenza Digital Purple Lizard Maps Collection

We have partnered with Avenza, to bring the exceptional design quality of our Lizard Maps to the digital environment.

Real-Time Location Tracking and Precision with Digital Maps

📍 Stay on Course with GPS Tracking: Avenza Maps provides real-time GPS tracking to keep you on the right path. Experience the confidence of knowing your exact location, even in remote areas.

Purple Lizard Maps Digital on Avenza

🖊️ Custom Waypoints for Personal Touch: Mark your special spots and add notes or photos for a personalized adventure. Digital maps make it easy to save memories and plan future journeys.

🔍 Search and Find Instantly: Quickly locate trailheads, points of interest, and hidden gems with the powerful search feature. Your digital maps act as an expert guide in your pocket.

🔒 Reliable Offline Access: Download maps for offline use, ensuring you can explore remote areas without connectivity. No more getting lost when you venture off the grid.

Privacy:Your tracks, notes and photos exist only on your phone or tablet - that data is not shared back to us or Avenza. Your privacy is complete, you can export or upload your tracks if you choose by email.

Unlock the Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Explore our Purple Lizard Digital Maps Avenzapage.

Shop all your favorite Lizard Maps and add precise navigation, GPS tracking, and more to your adventure kit.


Purple Lizard Maps and Purple Lizard Maps Digital on Avenza


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