July 13, 2022 3 min read

Rail trails are a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the scenery on two wheels and there lots of fun rail trails to explore in the Mid-Atlantic region that offer everything from a long distance, multi-day treks to shorter adventures.

In the shorter adventure category recently, we took a summer evening family ride along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail -  a lovely 10 mile rail trail that runs between Mifflinburg PA and Lewisburg PA. If you are in Central Pennsylvania and are looking for a quick, family friendly rail trail ride to get your wheels under you and your crew this summer, this is a great option. 

(You can find this trail and lots of other fun on the Bald Eagle State Forest Lizard Map).

View from Buffalo Valley Rail Trail July 2022

This trail winds through a beautiful agricultural valley and makes for an beautiful short summer adventure.  Some sections are paved, but most of it is a hard pack gravel surface that is easy to pedal or run on. 


Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

 The BVRT runs between Market Street, Lewisburg PA and N. 10th Street, Mifflinburg, PA, making it a great out and back trip for a leisurely ride. (There is rest stop with bathrooms and a picnic table roughly halfway - near Vicksburg.)

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail - Judy Andronici (Lizard Gran)


Buffalo Valley Rail Trail - Bob Andronici (Lizard Pops)

This rail trail offers some beautiful pastoral views and window into the valley agricultural economy of this beautiful part of Pennsylvania. It is also a fun atmosphere, you may be sharing the trail with families out for a stroll, the occasional jogger, pass by a local community park and pool, and wave to folks watering their backyard gardens on the few stretches that wind along the back of residential areas.

Be prepared for several stops and starts on this adventure, as the rail trail winds along farmsteads and crosses access roads throughout - giving you a window into daily life for those living "along the trail" as you take in the beauty of the surroundings.

If you are there during the day, spin in and say hi to our friends at Earls Bicycle Shop ( you can rent bikes here too!) and Brookside Bikes - you might even find yourself shopping for some new wheels - they both have a fantastic selection of bikes and bike gear.

Stops along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Have some extra time? Consider planning some delicious pit stops like "snoballs" at Pelicansjust off the trail, or take a quick detour across Route 192 (marked conveniently by a sign) to over to Ards Farm Market for a special local treat or even a meal.  Whether you take this mini-adventure as an afternoon diversion, or an evening excursion, you won't be sorry. 

Rusty Rail along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail - Mifflinburg PA


Our own evening family adventure ended at the Rusty Rail where we stopped for dinner after our ride.  There is indoor or outdoor seating in this large and a fantastic menu with something for everyone. 

For more adventures in the area, check out the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau in Lewisburg.

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