January 20, 2021

Oh to my well-loved, trip-worn map! 

The lands you share with each embrace;

New opportunities unfold upon my lap.


The adventures you guide us on with each day’s use,

Countless sights unveil with each twisted, wild turn.

Adventures of old and others of new!


 No matter the locale you hold within four sides, 

You lead us to venture outside our confines,

following painstakingly gathered data that build your print lines.

Oh, note-etched, scribed-words, memory-filled map!

The trails, the roads, vistas and creeks,

the routes and ventures you trustingly keep!

When I think about it, it’s pretty amazing to consider all the experiences a sheet of printed lines and symbols can help facilitate. 

A weekend of singletrack in the state forest, a spontaneous picnic lunch in a forgotten meadow with the family, a week of lake-side camping and fishing…

While I don’t necessarily remember the first time I picked up and actually used a map, I do know that I rely on maps regularly. There are too many places with unreliable cell reception to think our digital resources can guide us, unwaveringly. But, with a map in hand and a few other necessary supplies, we can be unstoppable. 

There’s something so real and tangible about marking up your map, trip after trip, trail after trail, to solidify the memory of an experience outdoors.

That is why I appreciate my old, trip-worn, well-loved map...and my crisp, ready-for-anything new maps, too.

Purple Lizard Maps


by Ryan Michelle Scavo, Outdoorswoman & Adventure Mama. Instagram: @Ryoutside

copyright Purple Lizard Maps 2021

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