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    May 25, 2022 2 min read

    No matter how you like to enjoy the forest - on your bike, hiking, trail running or just plain exploring, spring is the perfect time to remember to stop and smell - and appreciate - the abundance of wildflowers that are coming alive all around you.

    Wildflowers make the world go round

    Wildflowers aren't just beautiful, they are critical to our eco-system. In the mid-Atlantic region they provide food for more than 19 species of bees and thousands of other pollinators, which are critical to sustaining plant life that in turn sustains other wildlife and plays an important role in crop production. 

    This symphony of floral blooms begins in May and continues throughout the summer with blooms of all shapes, sizes and colors. Some flowers are fleeting and others last much longer, but spring, with its sudden explosion of flowers is the perfect time to notice these wonderful little adventure companions.

    Below are just a handful of the many flowers we encountered on our explorations as we wander the Mid-Atlantic Region to bring you all the best adventures the region has to offer.


    Red Trillium

    Red Trillium

    Trillium erectum, thered trillium, also known as Red Wakerobin, Stinking Benjamin, Wet Dog Trillium, Wet Dog Wakerobin, Purple Trillium, Purple Wakerobin. We are really curious about why this is called Stinking Benjamin... or Wet Dog?


    Painted Trillium, Painted Wakerobin


     Sweet White Violet

    Sweet White Violet, Woodland White Violet


    Purple Violet

    Purple Violet in the Mid Atlantic region, but also called Missouri Violet, Florida Violet, Meadow Violet, Confederate Violet, Dooryard Violet, Wood Violet, and/or Hooded Violet.





    Wild Bleeding Heart/ Squirell Corn

        Squirrel Corn and/or Wild Bleeding Heart 



    Buttercups - of course!


    Dames Rocket May

    Dames Rocket - because we just love the purple!

    Pink Lady Slipper

    Pink Lady Slipper


    See a flower on your adventures that you want to learn more about?  

    Check out Search by location, month, type of plant, number of flowers, color - the world of wildflowers is a big one - and we hope you enjoy the show!

    Wildflower Learning Resources

    Want a field guide to take with you on your next adventure?

    Check out the National Audobon Society's Field Guide To Wildflowers of the Eastern Region 

    Wildflower Eductational Videos:

    For Kids: A wildflower lifecycle learning video offered by Cornell Botanic Gardens (7 min).

    For Adults: Geek out on over 100 species of wildflowers with this video on Wildflowers of the Mid-Atlantic Region created by the Virginia Native Plant Society. 

    Want to #GetPlanning for your own wildflower adventure?

    Let Purple Lizard Maps be your guide.

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