February 17, 2020 3 min read

Follow along with the Department of Adventure on a 3-mile journey to explore history, the Appalachian Trail, and beautiful vistas of Michaux State Forest. The adventure begins at the parking area at the intersection of Bunk Hill Road and Michaux Road, northwest of Pine Grove Furnace State Park. 

Historic Barn Wall Michaux State Forest PA

Where to begin?

There are a few parking areas here, but we suggest the lot that sits directly in front of a historic crumbling barn wall (pictured above). From this parking area, we wanted to head east towards Halfway Spring and Sunset Rocks. We considered walking north on Michaux Road to intersect with the Appalachian Trail and then following this to Halfway Spring, but on this particular day we decided to follow a few short paths from this barn structure downhill to Bunker Hill Road. We then followed Bunker Hill Road, which is gravel and has very little car traffic, to a gate and intersection with the Appalachian Trail.

Appalachian Trail Toms Run Bridge Crossing Michaux State Forest PA

We found the famous white blazes of the Appalachian Trail and turned right along the path towards Toms Run. The Appalachian Trail is easy to follow here, and includes a fun bridge crossing of Toms Run. 

Sunset Rocks Trail Michaux State Forest PA

Sunset Rocks Trail

We quickly found Sunset Rocks trail after crossing Toms Run. The blue blazes on boulders acting as a barricade for the old road and the obvious trail sign, made this turn hard to miss. Sunset Rocks Trail was wide here before beginning to climbing gently uphill towards Little Rocky Ridge. The climb became a bit steeper as we gained the ridge, but we weren't deterred as we were excited for the upcoming vistas.

Sunset Rocks Trail Michaux State Forest PA

Little Rocky Ridge

The blue blazed trail leads up to a small saddle of Little Rocky Ridge. Our Michaux Lizard Map highlights the trail heading east (right) toward Michaux Road, but explorers could also turn left (west) here for more vistas along Little Rocky Ridge. Blue blazes continue left for a while but eventually end. Exploring by foot is allowed anywhere along this ridge but be careful not to lose your way!

Sunset Rocks Trail Michaux State Forest PA

Little Rocky Ridge is a wonderful place to explore with some steep cliffs along the edges of the ridge. Rogue the Adventure Pup is a bit too daring around these drop-offs and has a history of leaping into the great unknown, so she was secured to trees while we studied the rocky crags of the ridge.

Sunset Rocks Trail Michaux State Forest PA

Vistas Galore and Bouldering Delights!

There are several spectacular sweeping vistas that overlook Michaux State Forest and Pine Grove Furnace State Park to the southeast. Fall and winter offer some majestic viewsheds!

Sunset Rocks Trail Michaux State Forest PA

This ridge is filled with large boulders that are ideal for scrambling and rock climbing. We attempted to climb a few of these rocks, even though most of our climbing skills were forgotten years ago. Want to find some brand new muscles? Grab a crag and Spiderman yourself on the rock face for a few seconds. 

Sunset Rocks Trail Michaux State Forest PA

Although this section of trail is only about a mile long, it can be a bit slow going because of all the rock hopping. Most of the steep rock crags can be bypassed by those who aren't comfortable rock scrambling. With that said, small children and pets may need to be carried or hoisted around some of the larger boulders. 

Sunset Rocks Trail Michaux State Forest PA

The rocky ridgeline disappears and the trail mellows out again as it descends toward Michaux Road. The trail winds around a leased camp and then shares a dirt driveway until it exits onto Michaux Road. We turned north (right) on Michaux Road and headed back to our parking area.


Those who want to experience more of the Appalachian Trail and an Appalachian Trail Shelter Area, can reference the Michaux Lizard Map and follow the west section of Sunset Rocks Trail which leads to Toms Run Shelter. From here head north on the AT until it crosses Michaux Road again, then simply road walk back to your parking area. This alternative route adds about 3 miles to the loop described above.

Michaux Camp Michaux State Forest PA

Before we jumped back in our car, we visited the site of Camp Michaux, which surrounded our parking spot. This area has just too much history to fit on our Lizard Map, but thankfully the Cumberland Valley Historical Society offers a self-guided walking tour sheet that depicts all of the history that occurred on this site.

Appalachian Trail Museum Pine Grove Furnace State Park Michaux State Forest PA

History buffs and Appalachian Trail enthusiasts will want to stop at the Appalachian Trail Museum in Pine Grove Furnace State Park on the drive home. The museum is open seasonally beginning in April every spring. Call ahead to check hours of operation.

Explore all Michaux has to offer!