March 14, 2019 2 min read

There are so many wild places to explore on the Moshannon-Quehanna Lizard Map that it's hard to decide where to start! One great place includes two great trails along the Quehanna Highway. The Lincoln and Teaberry Trail loops can be your destination hike or a side-hike on your way to see the elk herd at Benezette.

Lincoln and Teaberry Trail Loops

Distance: 2 miles (Lincoln Loop) or 3 miles (Teaberry Loop)

Access: Parking area at Beaver Run Shallow Water Impoundment (Beaver Run Road) on the south side of Quehanna Highway. Note: The pond is currently drained for repairs to the dam (2019).

Teaberry Trail is a relatively unknown trail with great vistas just off the Quehanna Highway east of Marion Brooks Natural Area. This loop trail is open to foot traffic. It is considered a moderate hike because it has a short, steep descent to Paige Run and subsequent short but steep ascent back out to the plateau.

Begin your hike at the Beaver Run Shallow Water Impoundment Parking Area (Beaver Run Road) on the south side of Quehanna Highway. Walk back down the road you drove in towards the highway and follow a yellow blazed trail on the left. This short trail leads to the Quehanna Trail East Cross Connector (QTECC). Turn right on the QTECC, cross the Quehanna Highway, and continue on the QTECC as it winds through beautiful meadows and crosses Paige Run.

Lincoln & Teaberry Loops Moshannon State Forest

You will come to a signed trail intersection. If you prefer the 2-mile hike, turn right on Teaberry Connector Trail (signed 'LL Trail' because it is part of the Lincoln Loop). If you prefer the longer 3-mile hike continue straight and turn right on Teaberry Loop Trail. After following the stream for a bit Teaberry Trail hugs the edge of the plateau.

Teaberry trail overlooking Red Run Moshannon State Forest

Teaberry Trail vista looking north toward Red Run

As the trail winds around the plateau you'll find a circle of young red maple trees sprouting from an old stump just beside the trail. It is a rare occurrence to see such a tight cluster sprouting from the same stump. 

Red Maples on Teaberry Trail

Like many hikes in the Moshannon-Quehanna region, there is a feeling of wildness and remoteness to this hike—a sense of getting truly away, even though you are always about a mile from the parking lot.  

Teaberry Trail Quehanna Wild Area Pennsylvania

The next highlight is a large bolder that looks out over Paige Run, which is where you will eventually end up after dropping to the stream bed and climbing back out.

Lincoln Loop Quehanna Wild Area Moshannon State Forest PA

Next reach LL cross connector again.

Descend into Paige Run, which is ridiculously beautiful.

Paige Run Moshannon Quehanna Lizard Map

Paige Run

Climb out of Paige Run under a large boulder outcrop. The trail follows steep switchbacks uphill and around the outcrop to regain the plateau where you will find another amazing view.

Future Blueberries Quehanna Wild Area Moshannon State Forest PA

Future blueberries!

Continue on the blazed trail and cross the highway, where the trail leads back to the parking lot. If you aren't ready to get in the car, wander a few hundred yards to see the wildlife viewing area at Beaver Run Shallow Water Impoundment. Use your Lizard map to make your own adventure on the many short loop hikes in this beautiful area!

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