December 02, 2017

Explore Rockton Mountain Trails:

Rockton Mountain Trails is a great trail system designed for bicycling, hiking, running, and cross-country skiing in the southwestern corner of Moshannon State Forest. Three looped trails are open to cycling, totaling over 12 miles of trails. Two more loops with an additional 10+ miles are designated as cross-country skiing and hiking only.

Rockton Mountain Trails

This popular trail system lies on the Allegheny Plateau on Route 322, just west of Clearfield, PA. Visitors from afar reach this area by taking the Route 80 exit #111, and heading southbound on route 153. Follow signs for route 322 west, then keep an eye open for Greenwood Road on the left. The parking area is just a short distance along Greenwood Road.

Rock People on Route 322

Along the way, take note of multiple rock effigies alongside the highway. We don't know the origin of these statues, but they appear to be fans of Pittsburgh professional sports teams. 

Panther Run Trail Loop and Horn Shanty Trail Loop, Rockton Mountain Trails

Where to park?

The parking area is in a central location of this trail system, which is ideal. Hemlock Trail, Panther Run Trail, and Horn Shanty Loop Trail all exist on the south side of Route 322. The trails are well signed, but it's always best to bring your Moshannon Lizard Map with you just in case!

Rockton Mountain Trails

Choose your trail!

Kelly Cellar Loop Trail, Tar Kiln Spring Trail, and Coupler Run Loop Trail all exist on the north side of Route 322. Although the Tar Kiln Spring trailhead can't be seen from the parking area, it does exist directly across the busy road. Cross the road, head downhill past the power line right-of-way, and look for the well signed and blazed trail. The southern entrance of Kelly Cellar Loop Trail is located just past a gated gravel road on the north side of Route 322.

Rockton Mountain Trails

These trails are considered 'moderate' in difficulty because of the lack of elevation change. There are a few rock gardens that add technical difficulty, though. Most cyclists will want to bring their suspension mountain bikes, but rigid frame cross bikes are fine for experienced cyclists, too.

Rockton Mountain Trails

All of the trails in this system are well maintained by local trail enthusiasts. Trails conditions and updates are posted on Facebook @rocktonmountaintrails.

Moshannon-Quehanna Lizard Map

If you've ridden all the trails and still want more, simply pull out your Moshannon Lizard Map and check out Kelly Cellar Road and Schofield Road. These forest gravel roads create a relatively flat loop ride off of the Kelly Cellar Loop Trail. If you want to spend the whole weekend, contact Parker Dam State Park for year-round camping and cabin rentals!

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