May 29, 2017 1 min read

2017: PFBC land just adjacent to Rothrock State Forest has a new trail, and it is ready for you to hike, run, bike, or even horseback ride! This 2.5 mile trail encircles Colyer Lake and can be accessed at the PA Fish and Boat Commission Parking Lot at the end of Lingle Road. 

Colyer Lake Trail: Rothrock

Colyer Lake is a popular destination for many who love outdoor recreation, especially in the early morning and late evening, so don’t necessarily expect solitude on this adventure. Instead, plan to meet some new local friends who share appreciation of outdoor recreation.

Colyer Lake Trail: Rothrock

 The trail skirts Colyer Lake in spots, and is near private property in other areas. As always, be mindful to respect private property boundaries and markers, and follow PA Fish and Boat regulations at the lake too. 

Colder Lake Rothrock

Colyer Lake view from Lake Road parking lot 

Multiple bridges, culverts, and other trail building methods are in place to keep this trail (and your feet) dry. Nonetheless, there are at least three stream crossings that will most likely make your feet wet.

Colder Lake Trail Rothrock PA

No matter how you enjoy this area, be sure to stop and enjoy the wonderful views along the newest trail in Rothrock.

Colder Lake View PA

Not sure of how to get to the trailhead?  Lucky for you this trail is already on the latest Purple Lizard Rothrock Map(6th Edition)! Grab your map, a snack, and a headlamp, and get out on the trails after work!

Colyer Lake Trail Rothrock PA

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