The 75 Lizard Sticker

The 75 Lizard Sticker shows your love of exploring special places while being wonderfully cryptic about what they may be. Those who have driven along the paved roads anxiously waiting to find that lovely sign for Forest Road 75 know what it means. Those who don't, we suggest you get your hands on a Dolly Sods/Seneca Rocks Lizard Map and find your way to FS75 as soon as possible!

The 75 LizardStickeris 3 inches square, er, well, whatever shape that sorta rectangular triangle squeezed shape of a National Forest road sign is. Like all of our stickers, it is the highest quality, UV resistant, heavy duty vinyl sticker we can find to be worthy of a Lizard. Perfect to adorn your bumper, back window, roof rack, laptop, cooler or water bottle to remind you of where you've been and where you'd (probably) rather be.


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