Archival Quality Map Sleeves

A pack of 24 sleeves for $8.50.

When you buy a Purple Lizard map, it comes in a clear bag. But this isn't any old bag, it is an archival quality map sleeve, the same type used by museums and rare book libraries to safeguard their most precious vintage maps.

The sleeves are 1.6 mil and measure 4.5 x 10 inches to the resealable adhesive strip. They can be used to store longer maps without closing the flap; maps up to 9.75 inches long will fit with the flap closed.

If you're like us, you might have more than a few vintage maps stuffed in desk drawers or kicking around in old boxes in the garage, basement or attic. If you really care about preserving those old maps, you should store them in one of these archival sleeves. We hope that when you take your new Lizard Map out of this bag the first time, that you slide one of your old favorite maps back into it for safe keeping. 


Product Type : Maps