Lizard Knit Beanies

Be safe and warm in the forest all year long with these sweet knit caps from Purple Lizard!  A simple, one-size-fits-most knit beanie in hot pink, bright blue, grey or black will keep your brain warm and toasty.  The hot pink is perfect for telling others "Hey - I'm over here!"  Great choice for runners to increase visibility, and anyone who loves pink. These are 100% acrylic knit hats: we call them a beanie, if you're Canadian you can call them toques. Either way, they are soft and warm and cozy, almost like a cat -- except it's pretty rare to find a bright blue cat that stays on your head while hiking.

Don't want that much visibility? No problem - try the Lizard Special Ops Black Beanie, it's the exact opposite of hot pink and the perfect compliment to your invisibility cloak, assuming you're wandering about in the dark. 

Somewhere in the middle of the Hot Pink to Black color spectrum is the Lizard beanie in Bright Blue or Heather Grey. Some days a Bright Blue beanie is necessary to boost your spirits. As if that wasn't enough - we have a stylish Purple and Heather beanie too! 

We also have a Screaming Warning Orange hat in super warm fleece for hunters, or people who want to make sure that hunters see them too. 

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