Purple Lizard Patches

Lizard Patches!

Find your Lizards wherever you happen to be!  We have two flavors of the Lizard Patch - one has velcro on the back and the other has no backing. If you are looking for a patch to sew on your backpack or jacket, choose the one with no backing. If you have a velcro-ready section on your pack go with the velcro backed version. They have the rough side of the velcro - in Velcro-speak, the hook side. 

Overlanders know the velcro versions are great for sticking on the fabric headliner or visor in your car or truck, or inside your camper shell. They stick to most automotive fabrics. 

Take that fancy brand name jacket and put a Lizard patch over the logo, and everyone will ask where you got a Purple Lizard jacket!  Sew these on your backpacks, bike bags, ball caps, beanies, baggies - it doesn't have to start with a 'b' - you are free to use the Lizard patch wherever you think is best!

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