Purple Lizard Patch

The Purple Lizard patch is about as rare as a two dollar bill, and that is what we'll trade you for it! It's a 2.5 x 1.5 inch oval patch with heat activated glue on the back so you can iron it on to whatever you want to Lizardize in your wardrobe.  Take that fancy brand jacket and put a Lizard patch over the logo, and everyone will ask where you got a Purple Lizard jacket! Or no-one will notice - could go either way. 

We suggest you follow up with a sewing machine and permanently attach your patch if you want to insure it stays along for a global adventure. Sew these on your backpacks, bike bags, ball caps, beanies, baggies - it doesn't have to start with a 'b' - you are free to use the Lizard patch wherever you think is best!

We would actually love it if you mailed us a real $2 bill in trade, but we understand if you'd rather click your way thru the e-pay options.

And yes, we do love that scene in Better Off Dead.


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