Purple Lizard T-Shirt

Quality 100% cotton T-Shirts in men's and women's cuts.  Men's are sage green and women's are lavender, which is just a fancy word for purple.  Get your Lizard on!

SHIPPING:  We make every effort to ship your order within 24-72 hours around standard business days (Monday-Friday). If for some reason we cannot fulfill your order within 72 hours we will let you know via email or phone, depending on what you provided us. If you need it sent overnight, or have any special requirements, please send an email inquiry to mike@purplelizard.com or call 814-876-2363.
PRIVACY:  We do not share, sell or otherwise release your contact info under any circumstances (barring a subpoena or an in-person request by the President of the United States).  What happens on purplelizard.com stays on purplelizard.com.  If you check the box telling us you want to be included in our marketing, what that really means is you will get an email when we release new maps. That's it. If you want to know what we're up to at Purple Lizard you can follow us on Facebook or check this website.


Type: Clothing