Rincon PR Lizard Map

November 20, 2014 2 min read

Purple Lizard Maps Rincón, PR Rincón Lizard Map and Guide

The Purple Lizard Rincón Map and Guideof Rincon, Puerto Rico, available at   offers everything you need to plan you escape to the sun and surf in beautiful Rincon Puerto Rico!   Highly detailed and printed on waterproof paper (making it beach proof and adventure proof), the Purple Lizard Rincón Map and Guide is a 2-foot by 3-foot comprehensive map and bilingual guide to Rincón’s land, coast and sea. The map side marks the locations of Rincón’s famous surf breaks and swimming beaches, roads and trails. The guide side includes detailed descriptions of surf breaks, swimming beaches, Desecheo Island and more in both Spanish and English.

Excerpts of Map & Guide: Waterproof/adventure proof

Purple Lizard owners, Michael Hermann, one of the nation’s leading recreational cartographers, and Justine Andronici, Purple Lizard’s operations manager are a husband and wife team. Justine explains their decision to do a map of Rincon:

“Rincón is truly a magical place. Since I first came here 14 years ago, I fell in love with its small town feel, welcoming sense of community and breathtaking beauty. Our family and friends who live in Rincon saw what we were doing with our other map projects and encouraged us to do a recreational map for Rincon. As we talked with people about the idea, there was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, so we knew it was the right choice for our next big project.

Michael Hermann, founder and lead cartographer of Purple Lizard Maps is one of the leading map designers working today.  His work consistently earns national design awards.  He decided to map Rincon because he has been vacationing here for years and loves it! Michael explains what it was like to map Rincon,

“Rincón is exactly the type of place we love to work. It is full of opportunities for adventure and in need of a really good map to help people explore all it has to offer. Our goal was to make a map that will allow visitors and residents alike to wind their way through the neighborhoods, explore the back country mountain roads around Rincón, and find their way to Rincón’s world class beaches and surf breaks. When we make a map, we set out to offer the information our customers need to really explore a place. I think we were able to do that for Rincon.”