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    Rincon Puerto Rico: Lizard Map, Surf & Beach Guide

    Surf, Sand & Relaxation 

     The Rincon Lizard Map & Guide is your key to uncovering all that Rincon has to offer. This small, welcoming town on the western tip of Puerto Rico has long been a mecca for those that love surfing, wandering along quiet beaches and enjoying the  island life.


    This bilingual (Spanish and English) map and guide is the most comprehensive map ever made of Rincon! It features locations and descriptions of Rincon’s roads, trails, 16 beaches, 17 surf breaks and other points of interest on this beautiful island escape. 

    A beautifully designed, easy to read topographic map featuring contour lines, elevation data for both land and sea, shaded relief and all the key details you need to plan your adventures: backroads in the mountains, parking access, public lands, historic sites and more. On the Guide side, you will learn everything you need to get started exploring Rincon, a bit about its history, descriptions of its beaches, and detailed surf break descriptions. 

    Lizard Maps are durable, waterproof, and give you the big picture – the map opens to 24” x 36” and folds easily to 4” x 8” to fit in your beach bag.

    Rincon's beaches and surf breaks are world renowned and extraordinarily beautiful. A global destination for surfing, paddle boarding, scuba diving and snorkeling.  It’s also a popular location for beginners in any of those sports who want to learn from some of the best instructors around. Adventurers, sun worshippers, beach sitters and vacationers alike come to Rincon to find what they need. 

    Surf Breaks and Beaches: Detailed surf break descriptions by longtime Rincon surfer and local Melissa Taylor of Puntas Surf Supplies so you can better understand what you're about to paddle out to. There are 17 different surf breaks identified on the Lizard Rincon map and 16 different beaches waiting for your bare feet to wander along. One (of many) fantastic things about Rincon is each beach has a unique personality.

    All the ins and outs:  The Lizard Map and Guide will also give you an idea where you may want to spend your nights in Rincon, as each of Rincon's many neighborhoods and sections offer a different visitor landscape and experience. 

    Looking for a romantic island getaway, a fun filled and beautiful island escape with friends or family, or just want to find a quiet beach and beautiful sunsets to unwind by yourself?  Rincon is for you. 

    As you walk, sit and sun on Rincon's beaches you will gaze up to the mountains that rise steeply above the water. With a Lizard Map you can take a tour into those hills where you will discover winding mountain roads and stunning views, local eateries and roadside bars tucked away in the hills. Highway 412 follows the spine of the mountain with 360-degree views of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

    With the Lizard Map you'll find trails to beaches hidden among rock outcrops and historic retaining walls, beaches under shady almond trees, beaches with big waves, steep banks and vegetation as well as long expanses of flat beaches with gentle, shallow areas perfect for wading in and exploring. You can walk the southern beaches along the Caribbean Sea and compare those to the northern beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Towns: detailed map of downtown Rincon, PR, Aguada, and Anasco

    Lizards: One of the many reasons we love it is that Rincon has lots of Lizards. The little purple Lizards you’ll find scattered on the map signify an interesting spot to check out. The Legend says “This Could Mean Anything: cool place, sweet view, local legend”. 

    The Rincon Lizard Map scale is 1:17,200 (1 inch = 0.27 mile). Includes both lat./lon. and UTM coordinate systems. 

    Looking for a romantic island getaway, a fun filled and beautiful island escape with friends or family, or just want to find a quiet beach and beautiful sunsets to unwind by yourself?  Rincon is for you.

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    Rincón is the perfect destination for last minute plans and spontaneous getaways!
    • You don't need a passport since Puerto Rico is a US Territory.  
    • Rincón is easily accessible from most major airports, especially on the northeast corridor.
    • Fly into Aguadilla (BQN) about 40 min from Rincón, or into San Juan (SJU) and drive across the island (about 2.5 hrs) or take a small Cape Air plane into Mayaguez (30 minutes from Rincon).
    • To explore all that Rincón offers, you will probably want to rent a car during your visit.

    Learn more about Purple Lizard and the making of the Rincon Lizard Map & Guide in El Coqui, Rincon's monthly tourism magazine.

    To learn more about Rincon, follow Purple Lizard's Rincon Facebook Page @PurpleLizardMapsRincon & check out:

    Tourism Association of Rincon

    Surf, Play and Stay Rincon

    El Coqui Magazine

     Special Notes

    Hurricanes, COVID and Puerto Rico Recovery  

    Rincon and Puerto Rico recovered from recent hurricanes very well and are welcoming tourists better than ever before. Although some of the restaurants and shops, (including some of those listed on your Rincon Lizard Map & Guide), have closed since the hurricane and COVID, many others have moved, changed names and many new businesses have opened. Your Lizard map will still get you everywhere you need to go in Rincon and then some, but the coffee shop or restaurant listed on your may have a new name or have moved down the street. For up to date information about local businesses, you will want to check out the Tourism Association of Rincon website. 

    *Like many businesses and people with ties to the island, on the heels of Hurricane Maria, Purple Lizard Maps did what we could to help. We worked with some Purple Lizard Maps family members who live on the island to form and promote the PR Recovery NOW Fund through the Puerto Rico Community Foundation and provided emergency responders with free copies of the Purple Lizard Rincon Map to help them reach stranded community members with rescue and relief efforts.

    Learn More about PR Recovery NOW

    All Purple Lizard maps are available flat (rolled up, unfolded) suitable for framing in a corporate lobby or just nailing to a cabin wall. The map cost is the same ($12) but shipping varies. E-mail for specifics.

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    Health warning: continued use of Purple Lizard maps may result in an inability to stay indoors and a sudden criticism of traffic and the desire to escape to a beautiful tropical town on the tip of Puerto Rico. Your skin may become covered with sand. Mild confusion will make it difficult to relate time and distance, which may alter your definition of weather. There is a potential for all of these side effects to occur simultaneously and without warning. That's why we are warning you now.

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