October 29, 2019

The mountains transform.

New views, new trails and adventures await.  

Looking for adventure ideas? 


Pine Creek Grand Canyon of PA

Pine Creek Gorge and the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

Fall is the perfect time to explore Pine Creek, and with the Pine Creek Lizard Map so many outstanding vistas are at your fingertips. One of our favorites is the entire western rim of the Canyon from Colton Point State Park to the Bradley Wales Picnic Area. You can drive to those two, but make your own adventure by following the Lizards and hiking to the many overlooks on the West Rim Trail, which connects the two.

Pine Creek: Canyon view by Miranda Leigh

 When you go: Take your Pine Creek Lizard Map and head to Colton State Park from rt. 6 (Ansonia), then explore on Colton Road, Painter Leetonia Road and the West Rim Road (all dirt) to reach Bradley Wales Picnic Area.

Big Flat Vista in Rothrock State Forest

A great short hike from Keith Spring to the rocky overlooks along the Mid State Trail. Just a short drive from downtown, this vista never disappoints and once you've been there, it will become a regular fall stop. 

When you go: Take your Rothrock Lizard Map, drive up Bear Gap Road (dirt) and park by Keith Springs, hike out to the MST and north to the Lizard. You can easily make this a longer hike by doing a loop on North Meadows Road.

Michael Hermann Purple Lizard Founder and Lead Cartographer with Karma the Adventure Dog

 Lizard Founder and Lead Cartographer Michael Hermann
with Karma the adventure dog at Big Flat vista

Standing Stone Trail in Rothrock State Forest

This award-winning trail offers some fantastic vistas year round, but fall is particularly spectacular.  For short but spectacular mini-hike you can check out the Stone Mountain Hawk Watch Platform, Sausser's Stone Pile, and Willie's Window, all within a mile! 

When you go: Take your Rothrock Lizard Map and drive to the top of Allensville Road (dirt) to the trailhead. Out and back is about two miles on relatively flat, rugged and rocky trail.

Naked Mountain in Bald Eagle State Forest

One of the best views in all of Bald Eagle State Forest can be found on top of Naked Mountain. It starts with a one-mile hike up Glen Cabin Gap to Top Mountain Trail, then head east for about a half-mile. The view to the west encompasses the entire White Deer Creek corridor between Nittany and Naked Mountains. It is spectacular!

When you go: Take your Bald Eagle Lizard Map and head to RB Winter State Park. Sand Mountain Road will lead you to Cooper Mill and then Spruce Run Road (all dirt). Park at the Glen Cabin Trail and hike out and back the same route, a bit under 4 miles round trip. While you are at RB Winter be sure to check out the Overlook Vista on McCall Dam Road on the northern edge of the park – you drive right up to this one!

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