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There are plenty of waterfalls to see in and around Ohiopyle State Park. While you can find most of these waterfalls on the Ohiopyle-Laurel Highlands Lizard Map, we've gone ahead and taken the extra step of listing four of these waterfalls below (plus a few post-hike bonus waterfalls) just for you! The four waterfalls noted below are accessible via a nice 5-mile hiking loop within the state park. Most of these miles are easy to moderate in difficulty, but be prepared for a few short and steep climbs and descents near the waterfalls themselves.

Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

We began this hike at Burner Run Parking Lot, which is also the trailhead access for both Mitchell Trail and Sugar Run Trail. Those staying at Kentuck Campground can hop on Johnson Run Trail and descend to Johnson Run Trail and pick up this loop, too.

Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

First we found Mitchell Trail, then we followed it along a grassy path for a bit to start. Mitchell Trail is well used and should be easy to follow now that it includes fresh yellow blazes to lead the way!

Sugar Run Falls Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

After a few sharp switchback turns, the trail spills out at beautiful Sugar Run and Sugar Run Falls. Be sure to take time to enjoy this spot!

Ohiopyle State Park

We made it to the GAP trail and followed it briefly to Jonathan Run Trail, which we immediately took upstream to the first of two waterfalls along this stream. Listen and look carefully for the first set of falls: Lower Jonathan Falls are a bit off trail and rather difficult to reach.

Jonathan Run Trail Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

Jonathan Run Trail is obviously heavily used, so we had no problem following the trail.

Upper Jonathan Run Falls Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania 

Upper Jonathan Run Falls were visible from the trail, with a short side-trail leading down to the falls themselves. This spot was really nice!

Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

We passed Kentuck Trail, which leads uphill to Kentuck Campground, and then crossed Jonathan Run on a new, large footbridge. From here we turned right onto Sugar Run Trail and then crossed Fechter Run on another footbridge. 

Fetcher Run Falls Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

Fechter Run Falls aren't the most popular falls in Ohiopyle State Park, but they are nice nonetheless! You won't find these falls noted on most maps other than of course the Ohiopyle-Laurel Highlands Lizard Map. We'd like to credit Rusty Glessner for providing the head's up to us regarding the exact location of these falls. 

Sugar Run Trail Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania 

After a brief stop at Fechter Falls, we climbed out of this gorge via Sugar Run Trail. Although the trail climbs up to the plateau, it is rarely too steep.We popped out of the trail at the same parking lot where we started, which was the goal!

Bonus Vistas and Waterfalls!

Tharp Knob Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

Tharp Knob Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

On the car drive out, we stopped at Tharp Knob Picnic Area for a quick walk out to Tharp Knob Vista, one of the best vistas in Ohiopyle State Park (pictured above in spring and summer months)!

Cucumber Falls Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

Cucumber Falls Ohiopyle State Park Pennsylvania

Then as we continued to drive away, we noticed a rather empty parking lot at Cucumber Falls. We couldn't pass up this opportunity, so we pulled over quickly to get a quick glimpse of the falls before heading home for the day! During the summer months, this parking lot is completely filled most days of the week from about 9AM until dusk (pictured above in spring and summer months).

Natural Slides Ohiopyle State Park PA

If you have time, be sure to stop at the Natural Slides area, which is at the intersection of Kentuck Road and Route 381 along Meadow Run. Pictured above is a gorgeous set of cascades at the bottom of the Natural Slides area. Again, parking may be limited during peak seasons.

Ohiopyle State Park  

Of course you can't forget to stop at the State Park Visitor Center in downtown Ohiopyle to enjoy Ohiopyle Falls from observation decks perched over Youghiogheny River! 

Once you've had your fill of waterfalls for the day, head over to Falls City Pub to reminisce about your adventure while enjoying a meal with refreshing beverages! 

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