August 17, 2019

A delightful spot to experience the beauty of Quehanna Wild Area

Distance: You pick! Take a short stroll to a pleasant shaded viewing area or longer hike lasting all day. Less than one mile or several miles - it's up to you.

Access: Large parking area at the intersection of Wykoff Run Road and Quehanna Highway, roughly 60 miles (one hour drive) from State College, PA. 

Hoover Farm Viewing Area Trail: Quehanna

The Hoover Farm Viewing Area has something for everyone interested in exploring Quehanna. Visitors love this destination because it is a great place to experience the wild beauty of Quehanna, spend some time in hopes of seeing, photographing, or hearing elk and other wildlife, and just getting away from the hustle of everyday life.

Hoover Farm Viewing Platform Quehanna Purple Lizard Map

The viewing area has amenities: informational kiosks and a shaded, handicapped-accessible wildlife viewing blind a short walk from the parking area and non-flush toilets.

Quehanna Wild Area Moshannon State Forest PA

Looking for a longer adventure? Bicyclists and hikers can utilize the red blazed Riddle Road to reach a small parking area on Reactor Road. From here, hikers can walk David Lewis Trail back to the parking lot, which makes a nice 2-3 mile loop (no bikes are allowed on the David Lewis Trail).

Kunes Camp Quehanna Wild Area Moshannon State Forest Pennsylvania

Adventurous hikers looking for more miles can turn left at the Reactor Road parking area, and follow the yellow blazed trail along Panther Run, before turning left again on Bellefonte Posse Trail. Be sure to turn left once again on the red blazed trail, which leads through the trees around the managed wildlife food plot. One final left turn leads hikers in between the food plot and the Quehanna Highway before reaching the Hoover Dam Viewing Area Parking Lot. Bring your Moshannon-Quehanna Map to reference during your adventure.

Quehann Wild Area Pennsylvania

Get exploring today with your Moshannon-Quehanna Lizard Map!

Hoover Farm View and Purple Lizard Quehanna Map

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