March 01, 2021 3 min read

Ohiopyle State Park is well-known for its waterfalls, tourist facilities, and day-use activities. But, there seems to be less attention given to the great camping opportunities within the park. Cue the Purple Lizard Department of Adventure to swoop in and fill the void. Follow below as we present a quick teaser of just a handful of less popular, yet maybe more rewarding, options that you can experience this year when you visit Ohiopyle State Park.

Camping Options

Yurt Camping at Ohiopyle State Park PA

Pictured above is a canvas yurt. Yurt camping is available at Ohiopyle State Park, and if you haven't tried it out, we highly recommend the experience! Yurts sleep 5 people and include a stove, fridge, microwave, and wooden deck. If you want a solid shelter structure, but aren't quite ready for a yurt, reserve a camping cottage (cabin). Cottages sleep 5 people and include electricity!

Walk-in Campsite Ohiopyle State Park PA

Kentuck Campground offers 27 walk-in sites, some which are open to pets!

Kentuck Campground Ohiopyle State Park PA

A walk-in site is just what it sounds like - the camping area is a few hundred feet from the parking area. The beauty here: These sites provide more space and privacy than traditional PA state park campsites.

Kentuck Campground Ohiopyle State Park PA

The campground also offers electric hook-up sites, a few group sites, showers, running water, and nature programs. Be sure to call the park and check online to reserve a campsite before you arrive!

Campfire at Ohiopyle State Park PA

Of course you're going to want to have a campfire at your site. Campfire rings are available at all sites, and firewood is for sale just outside the campground. So go ahead and try something new like a yurt or a walk-in site.


Kentuck Campground and Trails Ohiopyle State Park PA

Several hiking trails lead from the campground to different parts of the park. Kentuck Trail leads from the campground to Tharp Knob Picnic Area.

Lower Youghiogheny River Ohiopyle State Park PA

 There are more than a few options for hikers to walk down to the Youghiogheny River! Read about some of our suggestions here: Meadow Run Trail: Big Rocks and Cool Falls in Ohiopyle State Park

Waterfalls Ohiopyle State Park PA

Or maybe it's waterfalls that you prefer? Read about hiking and driving to waterfalls here: Hike To Four Waterfalls in Ohiopyle State Park

Vistas and Viewpoints

Kentuck Campground Ohiopyle State Park PA

This spectacular view of downtown Ohiopyle, pictured in mid-April, is only a short hike from the campground.

Kentuck Campground Ohiopyle State Park PA

Here's the same view, pictured in mid-June. Your Ohiopyle-Laurel Highlands Lizard Map marks special places like these with small purple lizard icons. This way, you can quickly identify, locate, and discover truly interesting places when you visit!

Kentuck Knob Campground Ohiopyle State Park PA

This great vista is alongside the roadway just before you enter Kentuck Campground!


Kentuck Campground Biking Trails Ohiopyle State Park PA

The Great Allegheny Passage is only a short distance from Kentuck Campground. While there is a nice gravel bike/hike trail to and from the rail-trail and the campground, it is steep, so park officials ask that cyclists walk their bikes along this trail.

 GAP Trail Kentuck Campground Ohiopyle State Park PA

When you do reach the Great Allegheny Passage, you'll find a smooth cinder and paved surface perfect for spinning more miles on your bike than you can count!

Great Allegheny Passage

In fact, the Ohiopyle-Laurel Highlands Lizard Map includes approximately 80-miles of the Great Allegheny Passage, and all paved and dirt road connections along the way! 

Mountain Biking in Ohiopyle State Park PA

Maybe single track mountain biking is more your style? Ohiopyle State Park has a great system for this too, and it's just a short drive from the campground! Read more here: Sugarloaf Knob: Mountain Biking in Ohiopyle State Park

 Tharp Knob Picnic Area

Kentuck Campground Tharp Knob Picnic Area Ohiopyle State Park PA

Tharp Knob Picnic Area is just a short drive, or walk from Kentuck Campground. This area provides sports playing fields, bathrooms, picnic areas, benches, and hiking trails for all to enjoy!

 Visit Kentuck Knob and Falling Water

Kentuck Knob Pennsylvania

Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob, just like Fallingwater, is a magnificent display of architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Lucky for you, these places are noted on the Ohiopyle-Laurel Highlands Lizard Map and only a few miles from Kentuck Campground!

Kentuck Knob Pennsylvania

Of course we're not going to give away any secret pictures of these houses, but to give the slightest hint of detail, have a look at the detail of the bird houses in the front lawn. Be sure to visit these properties the next time you visit Ohiopyle State Park and Laurel Highlands!