Rincon Puerto Rico Digital Purple Lizard Map

Get ready to make the most of your Rincon adventures with the Purple Lizard Rincon Digital Map, Surf and Beach Guide available on the Avenza app. It features locations and descriptions ofRincon’s roads, trails, 17 beaches, 15 surf breaks and a bunch of cool lizard spots for you to find.

Rincon Purple Lizard Maps Digital App and Map and Surf Beach and Vacation Guide


Rincon is the perfect spot to unwind in paradise, but whether you are a guest or a local you know it is not always easy to find your way around - and there are lots of fantastic off the beaten path places to explore.

We give you all the info you need to explore Rincon's hidden gems, beautiful beaches and discover its world-famous surf breaks and more.

Live Location Info
Track & Plan Your Rincón Adventures
Works On or Offline
Uses Your Phone GPS (no data no roaming)
iOS or Android Compatible

Find your way in no time flat with the Avenza App version of the Lizard map of Rincon PR.

The Lizard Digital Rincon Map and Guide makes it easy. Just download the Avenza App & purchase the Purple Lizard Rincon Map for just $9.99 and start finding your way to the best Rincon adventures.  


The Purple Lizard Rincon Digital Map, Surf and Beach Guide is the most comprehensive and up to date map of Rincon, Puerto Rico, available on the Avenza Map Platform.

Avenza allows users to view, navigate, and interact with digital maps on their smartphone or tablet on or offline. 

With live location tracking, the ability to measure distances, and more  - you'll never get lost (unless you want to!) or miss a hidden gem on your Rincon Adventures again.

This digital version has all the exceptional quality you have come to expect from Purple Lizard - it's the beautiful and easy to use map of the area ever made. Don't worry, you will still find all those fantastic surf break descriptions and beach info - and of course the little purple lizards to point you to special places.

As a bonus, we have also included the guide content for the beaches and surf breaks, so you have all that in the palm of your hand.

Since adventure doesn't wait. . . just download our version of the Rincon Map on Avenza for just $9.99, and start exploring.

Ready to start exploring today on your phone or tablet?

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Get the IRL - real life Lizard Digital Rincon Map & Guide version too! 

We also recommend our Purple Lizard Rincon Map, Surf Beach and Vacation Guide our waterproof, adventure proof paper map version!

This print map and vacation guide provides the big picture, and includes lots of great information about visiting Rincon, making it easy to plan your adventures.


Wishing you the best possible Rincon Adventures with your Lizard Maps!

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