PR Recovery NOW - Western PR and Central Mountains Recovery Fund


On the heels of the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Purple Lizard Maps stepped forward to support recovery in some of PR's  most vulnerable communities -- the Central Mountains and Western shore.  Many of these areas were cut off by flash flooding and/or extreme tree, electrical grid and road damage and are still facing serious economic and infrastructure challenges in the wake of Maria.

The Puerto Rico Recovery NOW Fundwas established by members of the Purple Lizard family through the Community Foundation of Puerto Ricoa longstanding and well respected Puerto Rico based 501c(3), that works closely with nonprofits throughout the island. 

With your support, the Recovery NOW Fund reached our initial goal of 50K in the first year! We have now raised $54,144.59.  

Recovery NOW is helping communities in real, tangible ways where they need it most.  For an example of the kinds of work your donations have supported this year, Check out this reporton the community based rainwater capture and filtration outreach and education projects funded by Recovery Now Fund.  This essential work was undertaken for the people in some of the most economically disadvantaged barrios in the Las Marias region of PR by Plentidud, one of Recovery NOW's 7 non-profit grantees throughout the island.  And this is just one of many projects in hard hit areas across the island that have been funded by Recovery NOW.

Our friends and family in PR and the folks at the PR Community Foundation have told us that the island of Puerto Rico still needs our help.  A year after Maria, many of the hardest hit areas are still struggling to rebuild, homes businesses, schools and communities that were damaged. 

Lets get to $75,000

The Recovery NOW Funds raised so far have been distributed by the PR Community Foundation under a grant allocation program to seven different carefully selected Puerto Rico community based local non-profits who are still working hard every day to meet the needs of their communities in the wake of Maria.  The funds are being used in a variety of ways, to help rebuild, to support or expand community clean water programs, and for programs providing direct assistance and support for elderly, bedridden and young children in these communities. 

There is much work left to be done!

Recovery NOW is committed to continuing to help these communities recover  (instructions for donating below).  We hope you will join us.

How to Donate


Payable to:
Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico

MEMO LINE: PR Recovery NOW Fund 

Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico
PO Box 70362
San Juan, PR 00936-8362

Your donation to the Recovery NOW fund will enable the Community Foundation of PR to continue its essential work to direct your donation to areas in Western Puerto Rico and Central Mountains that were already economically disadvantaged before the hurricane and continue to be in extreme need due to the Hurricane Maria and the aftermath.

Please consider joining us in recommitting to help Puerto Rico recover by contributing to Recovery NOW and help us spread the word about the PR Recovery NOW Fund through your networks, businesses, and community organizations.  



 Puerto Rico is Open for Visitors!

One great way to support the island is to visit.  Most of the tourism areas on the island, including Rincon, PR, are welcoming tourists and tourist dollars help.  Rincon's beaches are beautiful, the waves are rolling and the community is welcoming guests!  

Learn more about visiting Rincon Puerto Rico on our Rincon Lizard Map page. 

**Special Thanks to so many of you who have donated and who continue your support and to:

State College PA High School Drama Club & State College PA Friends School Pumpkin Sale for helping us toward our goal!

Special Thanks also to:

Boqueron Brewing Company!**

**  Thanks To All Who Supported Recovery NOW at Merrell Pint Night**

hosted in State College PA, November 15, 2017


Got an Idea?

Want to host a special event or fundraiser in your business, community or network to support Recovery NOW?  Email for information.


Emergency Relief Rincon area MAP Donation

In another effort to support recovery, Purple Lizard Maps donated free hard copies of our Rincon PR Lizard Map and Guide and an electronic emergency relief map to First Responders working on relief and recovery in the wake of Maria. We know that Rincon and the rest of Puerto Rico will come back stronger than ever and we look forward to seeing tourism return to this beautiful island.  


Purple Lizard Maps has strong ties to Puerto Rico. Our owners have family on the island and we have spent a lot of time visiting and mapping a special corner of this beautiful place. So we are especially excited to see so many people get involved in #PRRecoveryNOW!