Lizard Sticker Stash

Make any spot a Lizard Spot with a lizard sticker. These can find themselves in a lot of places, or on a lot of things, like cell phones and bike helmets. Perfect for water bottles, laptops, cars, motorcycles, refrigerators ... we're sure you'll find the perfect spot! You are assured of quality and freshness unmatched in the cut-throat world of cool and hip sticker design. These are high quality stickers and they stick around for long time! Unless you stick them on your dog, in which case it's a 24-hour deal, or less, depending on how your dog feels about it. 

Here's what we have for you:

You'll get 6 stickers; 2 small lizards, 2 big lizards, a You Are Here and our Make Your Own Adenture. The sizes range from about 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches long, the Adventure sticker is a 3 inch circle.

Feeling a little lost? Anchor yourself with our handy You Are Heresticker! This is the most simple GPS unit ever designed: put it on your hiking pole, handlebar, water bottle or helmet: it works every time! 


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