Rincon Puerto Rico Lizard Map & Guide

Your Rincon Lizard Map and Guide will help you get the most of your time in this mecca for surfers and beach lovers worldwide. It is a real map: a 2-foot by 3-foot detailed beachproof / waterproof map that will withstand all your Rincon adventures. 

The Rincon Lizard Map and Guide is the most comprehensive and accurate map and guide to Rincon available. It clearly identifies Rincon’s roads, trails, beaches, surf breaks and other points of interest including detailed descriptions of the surf breaks and beaches, detailed topography (land height) and bathymetry (water depths), and lots of useful information about exploring Rincon in both Spanish and English. 

Learn more about Purple Lizard and the making of the Rincon Lizard Map & Guide in El Coqui, Rincon's monthly tourism magazine.

The Rincon Lizard Map and Guide will help you find the best places for outdoor exploration, off the beaten path trails and beaches, and highlight some of our favorite restaurants, bars and shops. You get detailed surf break descriptions written by longtime Rincon surfer and local Melissa Taylor of Puntas Surf School so you can better understand what you're about to drop in to. There are 17 different surf breaks identified on the Lizard Rincon map and 16 different beaches waiting for your bare feet to wander along. One (of many) amazing things about Rincon is each beach has a unique personality. With the Lizard Map you'll find trails to beaches hidden among rock outcrops and historic retaining walls, beaches under shady almond trees, beaches with big waves, steep banks and vegetation as well as long expanses of flat beaches with gentle, shallow areas perfect for wading in and exploring. You can walk the southern beaches along the Caribbean Sea and compare those to the northern beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Rincon is unique because it is on the western shore of Puerto Rico that spans both bodies of water. Surfers flock to the northern beaches with the surf breaks, while swimmers flock to the southern beaches with their gentle waves. 

As you walk, sit and sun on Rincon's beaches you will gaze up to the mountains that rise steeply above the water. With a Lizard Map you can take a tour into those hills and find some of the most amazing views across seemingly endless oceans. You'll find narrow, winding mountain roads with local eateries and roadside bars tucked away in the hills. Highway 412 follows the spine of the mountain with 360 degree views of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea - it is an amazing drive and something many tourists never explore. 

If you want to find the best that Rincon has to offer, you'll want the Rincon Lizard Map with you. Get yours today and start planning your Rincon adventure.

When in Rincon, be sure to stop by our fantastic Rincon map sponsors - these businesses get the Lizard Stamp of Approval!

Want to learn more about Rincon?  Check out these sites:

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Health warning: continued use of these maps may result in an inability to stay indoors and a sudden criticism of traffic. Your skin may become covered with dust and dirt. Mild confusion will make it difficult to relate time and distance, which may alter your definition of weather. There is a potential for all of these side effects to occur simultaneously and without warning. That's why we are warning you now.


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